Bag Lady

What Aunty Erykah has taught us about emotional baggage and letting go.

I have always been a neosoul girl so you know I am one of those people who cleans their house while listening to music from the 99s and 2000s! While cleaning up this weekend Bag Lady by Erykah Badu came on and I of course had to jam out. It took me back to being in middle school when this song first came out and I sang it like I knew what she was talking about. As an adult woman, I actually took the time to listen to the words this go-round and absolutely loved that Aunty Erykah had a full blown message for us about self care! Life lessons in a song, the true joy of music.

Bag Lady, you gone hurt your back, draggin all them bags like that…

In an interview with BET Her on the meaning behind some of her lyrics, Aunty Erykah said “…When we take our excess baggage and problems into relationships with us, it hurts because you’re going to have to carry that and sometimes it’s heavy, so pack light.” I don’t know if she knew this at the time, but stress is the leading cause of health problems. Stress brought on by the day to day nuances of life are plenty enough to deal with. But when you add on the stress of unaddressed issues aka baggage, it can be a lethal combination. A part of “adulting” is taking responsibility for our own actions. You can’t help that your father wasn’t there growing up, but you can speak to a therapist about it to make sure you’re healing that wound. Don’t allow the emotional stress get so bad that it starts to do physical damage. “Pack light!”


I guess nobody ever told you, all you must hold onto is you…

Looking back on my life, I can definitely say there were points throughout my childhood I can remember different women pouring into me. I can remember my mother and my grandmother pouring into me as a child to tell me my value, how proud I made them, how much they love me, how beautiful I am. Women at the church would always comment on how smart I was or point out my leadership skills. I can even remember my mother’s friends saying things like “Have your own, so you don’t have to depend on a man to take care of you.” As an adult woman I now realized these affirmations were a gift given to me that not many young girls receive. These words spoken to me were like new life being poured into me. Investing in our girls is one of the most important gifts we can give to the generations behind us. They are the future leaders of this world. Cultivate that!


You can’t hurry up, cus you got too much stuff…

Have you ever been so upset you couldn’t get yourself together? Have you ever been so depressed you can’t get out of bed? “Girl I know, sometimes its hard and we can’t let go. Oh when someone hurts you oh so bad inside, you cant deny it, you cant stop cryin.” Our baggage can sometimes slow down our development, cause us delay in receiving our blessings and even halt our ability to serve others appropriately.

So there it is folks, Bag Lady, the therapeutic remix. As we take the time to prepare for the seasonal change pack light, let it go and know that you are enough. Happy Cleansing!


If you start breathin’ babe you won’t believe it, it feels so much better…

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